7 Marketing Books That Have Shaped My Career

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This is a podcast episode titled, 7 Marketing Books That Have Shaped My Career. The summary for this episode is: On this episode of the Marketing Swipe File, DG talks about how he went from being someone who avoided books like the plague – to someone who loves reading and learning. So what was the catalyst for this change? DG started picking up books about copywriting, direct response marketing, social psychology. Over the last few years, he’s amassed a huge library of marketing books. Want to find out the books that have influenced him the most? Listen to the full episode.

DG: Hey, it's DG. I want to send you a ton of free marketing stuff right to your door or your inbox, whatever you want. I'm serious because look, we know how it is. One of my favorite things about doing marketing at Drift is that we are all marketers, just like you. We're marketers doing marketing to marketers. It's crazy. One thing we know that in the B2B world there's so much content out there it can be hard to figure out what to read and who to trust if you're looking to grow your business. We put together something that I call the Ultimate Conversational Marketing Starter Kit. We asked our top customers, literally turned to them and said," What resources would you give to somebody new to Drift and conversational marketing?", and we're packaging all of that up to send right to your door for the first time for free. So that means I will send you a copy of the book I wrote with my boss, our CEO, David Cancel on Conversational Marketing. 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We'll also give you The Conversational Marketing Blueprint, which is the best next step after you read the Conversational Marketing book and it gives you a step- by- step guide for implementing and optimizing conversational marketing for your business. And it's not over, The Conversational Sales Handbook. This is a guide you're going to need to give to your sales team to build your conversational sales strategy, AKA what you do after you take everything you've learned in the book and the blueprint. All you have to do is visit drift. com/ starter and grab all this stuff right now that's starter S- T- A- R- T- E- R. I tried to have no Boston accent on that drift. com/ starter. We'll send everything right to your door, or we'll literally just send an email if you would prefer that. Okay, drift. com/ starter and I will see you hopefully there. Hey everybody, it's DG and we're back with another episode of The Marketing Swipe File, which is my favorite podcast. Dan's behind the scenes on the camera and he told me that it's his favorite podcast also. He actually said favorite marketing podcast. I don't think he listens to any other marketing podcast. I'm a big marketing nerd and I read a ton of marketing books, but it hasn't always been the case for me. I hated reading. I never read books in school. Sorry, mom. You know that now, but I'm sorry about that. I never read books in school but when I got to Drift and it actually, again, I didn't really start reading until my late twenties, I was probably 28. I met DC, the founder and CEO of Drift. He usually sits here when we do our other podcast together. He started feeding me these marketing books, right? And so my whole thing was I came into Drift and you've heard this if you've been listening to the podcast at all. But basically I wanted to focus on SAS metrics and tools and technology and all the kind of new marketing stuff. DC's challenge for me was," Hey, go back and study the things that have never changed. Go back and study people." And so he put me on some of the greatest books about marketing that were all about copywriting, direct response marketing, social psychology. Over the last couple of years, I've built up this library of marketing books. And now I thought, you know what? I've never really given away, I've never shared those books with people. And a lot of people ask," Hey, what are the books that have impacted you the most?" So I want to take you through seven of them now. And just a quick plug. I have 14 books on this list. I'm going to give you seven for free right now as part of this podcast, but I'm going to put the other seven on Drift Insider. And the reason I'm doing that is because I want you to go and see the content that we have created in Drift Insider. It is so good. It's expert level sales and marketing content and I want you to see how much value's in there. I'm going to do a little bait and switch on you. I'm going to give you seven on this podcast. So you get seven for free, right? But then if you go and create a Drift Insider account, which is drift. com/ insider, you'll be able to get the other seven. Okay. So first let's rip through these, okay. Number one book, this is not in any particular order, but I do have two that I always label one and two. The number one book that has helped influence me as a marketer is actually called Influence the Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini, which is an amazing book about people, right? How we all make decisions and how we all think. It's all about Social Psychology. Before you pick up any traditional marketing book, go and read a copy of Influence. I do a lot of speaking, I speak in front of a lot of marketing audiences and I always ask people just because I'm curious. I say," How many people in this room have read Influence?" And the amount of people that raise their hand, it's usually about one out of every 100, which is crazy to me because this book has basically all the secrets in marketing in one book because it's all about how people make decisions. So buy that one first, Influence the Psychology of Persuasion. It came out in 1984. The next book is Ogilvy on Advertising. You know I love this book if you listen to this podcast at all. Ogilvy on Advertising was the first book to really teach me about the power of copy, direct response marketing, and advertising all in one book. I love this book because it's super visual. I really do this now, people on the team would probably see me do this, but anytime I have writer's block or I'm stuck, I go and I grab this book and I just thumb through it for a couple minutes, something unlocks and I get an idea. So go pick up a copy of Ogilvy on Advertising. That's two. Dan's taking notes right now while we're watching this. Okay, I got a couple more for you. The next book is called Behind the Cloud. Behind the Cloud: The Untold Story of How Salesforce. com Went from Idea to Billion Dollar Company and Revolutionized an Industry. This book is actually not about marketing, but is a story about how Mark Benioff and the team built and grew Salesforce. Benioff is the CEO and the founder of Salesforce, but he is one of the greatest marketers of all time. I put him up there with Steve Jobs. Okay. Benioff is a marketing genius because what he knows how to do is to get people to pay attention. I love this book because in Behind the Cloud, he doesn't just tell you a story. He gives you specific plays. Each chapter has a number of plays. So you'll be on chapter 10 and it's like play number 121, How We Do Events. Go and read this book. I do want to tell you one story. So Salesforce's biggest competitor was this company called Siebel. Okay. And Siebel had their big user conference. Come on in. We're just finishing up the marketing podcast. DC just walked in because we got to film a secret episode of Seeking Wisdom, which is also only available at Insider, okay. In this book, Benioff talks about how he hijacked the Siebel conference. They literally hired actors, put them in jail cells, put them outside of this conference and it turned into this PR machine and big news story out of it. So that's one that you definitely got to go and check. That's number three. Number four is a book called Scientific Advertising, which is by a guy named Claude Hopkins which was written in 1924. Okay. This book opened up so many things for me because I read a book that was almost 100 years old. I realized everything that DC had been telling me which is, holy shit, all these lessons from 1920's are still just as relevant today. That is the thing that convinced me to go and focus on studying people, not necessarily marketing tips and tactics. Number five is The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes. This is the only true sales book I have on this list but you have to read this if you're a marketer because Chet Holmes in 2007, broke down the playbook for doing sales that is still more relevant than ever today. I remember in the first or second chapter of this book he has this pyramid. It basically shows you that 97% of the people that walk into your store or come into your website are not ready to buy right now. So what do you do? And he breaks it down in the rest of the book. So if you want to become a better marketer, you have to understand sales and the principles of selling and having great conversations, creating offers. This is all in this book, The Ultimate Sales Machine. Number six, speaking of sales, my favorite copywriting book of all time is called The Ultimate Sales Letter. That's this book by Dan Kennedy. This book alone cost 12 bucks, but there's one page in here specifically early on in the book where Dan Kennedy has 10 questions. The 10 questions that you should ask before writing anything. I have this book on my desk and I use it before writing any landing page, making any new decks, writing a sales letter. This book really taught me how to write. Great copy. And then number seven is a book called The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs. This book looks like garbage. It looks like a trash business book. It looks like a stock photo. If a stock photo could be a book, that's what this book looks like. But, this book has taught me more about public speaking and doing presentations than anybody. Ever since I got this book, I've recommended it the most. So Maggie, you've probably heard Maggie's podcast, The Build Podcast. Maggie is doing a big public speaking gig for the first time in June. She's speaking in front of 1000 people. She said, DJ, can we go for a walk? I want to pick your brain on public speaking. I said, sure. We can go for a walk. But before we do go and read this book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs. It tells you how to write amazing headlines, how to frame your story and really how to get people to pay attention while you're on stage. That's seven. I gave you seven. Hopefully this is a big enough hook for you. I have seven more books that we're going to put on Insider. So if you like these first seven, go onto Insider, drift. com/ insider. We will have the second half of this episode available for you with all the other seven books. That's 14 books that I recommend more than anything else to people who want to read and learn about marketing. Thanks for checking out this podcast and I'll see you on the Inside. Hey. Thanks for listening to another episode of The Swipe File. I'm having a lot of fun doing this podcast. So, because it's fun for me, I hope it's fun for you and it would mean the world if you could leave a review. Reviews really help, so go leave a review. Go to apple podcasts, leave a review. Let me know what you liked about the show/ didn't like/ want to hear more of. Also, if you're not already subscribed, make sure you go subscribe on apple podcasts, Spotify. The show is everywhere that you get your podcasts probably where you're listening right now. But if you want more content like this, if you want to go a layer deeper, join me on Drift Insider. It's drift. com/ insider. We're teaching courses. We're sharing videos and we have exclusive content for people just like you in marketing that we do not share publicly. So go and check it out, drift. com/ insider.


On this episode of the Marketing Swipe File, DG talks about how he went from being someone who avoided books like the plague – to someone who loves reading and learning. So what was the catalyst for this change? DG started picking up books about copywriting, direct response marketing, social psychology. Over the last few years, he’s amassed a huge library of marketing books. Want to find out the books that have influenced him the most? Listen to the full episode.