The #1 Skill Missing In Most B2B Marketers

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This is a podcast episode titled, The #1 Skill Missing In Most B2B Marketers. The summary for this episode is: "Would I respond to this?" That's the question DG asks himself before he sends an email, makes a deck, writes copy for a landing page, or records a podcast episode. Because when there's so much noise already in the market, the worst thing you can do is forget to treat your buyers like humans. So in this episode, DG talks about how you can take the #1 skill that most B2B marketers are missing, turn it into your advantage, and start having more conversations with buyers.

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Dan: I think so.

Dave Gerhardt: Okay. So today on this episode, this is not an interview with an amazing CMO or brand leader. Like I've mentioned, I've tried to alternate both, but I've wanted to do an episode on this little rant that I have, because I think it might be interesting to you. The number one skill that most B2B marketers are missing today, and I'm saying B2B marketing, because that's the world that I live in and feel every day and talk to the most B2B marketers about. The number one skill that most B2B marketers are missing. And call me out, tweet at me, follow me, whatever, come on the show and talk about it. But the number one skill that they're missing is empathy. Empathy is, first of all, for all you grammar people at home, a noun and empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Okay. So the reason I talk so much about empathy is because I think there's a huge disconnect between what actually happens as people, what we actually respond to as people and what we actually do go and do in our jobs in marketing. And so I think about this all the time, because I'm a marketer, but I'm also a person. And so I think in this world of B2B marketing, we send endless amounts of emails, we write a ton of content, we make a ton of videos, we spend a ton of money on ads, we do a million webinars and events and I think it's just so easy to come into your job and just become this robot and just press send and hit play, and just do a bunch of other stuff, right? But what I want you to think about and the thing that has helped me change the way I do marketing is I want you to remember empathy. And so what I always think about it, before I send any email, before I make any podcast episode, before I make a deck or a landing page, or before I do a webinar I always ask myself this question: Would I respond to this? And I think we get caught up in this world of" Dave, you need to go and talk to your customers" right? and" you need to know your personas in your buyer's journey". That stuff is great, but I also think that that skews us too far in the wrong direction. You need to think about what stuff you respond to as a person. In this world today, it's 2019, right? There is more noise than ever in the market because everybody has a podcast, everybody has a blog, anybody can be an idiot like me and go make a podcast, right? So it's easier than ever to just create more noise and add more information into the market. So we start to tune all this stuff out, right? I am a marketer. I live and breathe marketing, but I'm allergic to marketing. I don't want you to market to me, I don't want you to sell to me, I don't want to see your ads, I don't want to click on your stuff. So how does that actually translate into what I'm going to actually go do in my day- to- day jobs? So I always think about empathy first. When I'm typing an email, would this email stand out in my inbox right now? I've done a pretty good job on my email today, but I have 62 unread emails today from the last two hours. Dan, you'd probably get no email, right? Which is great. The creative team at Drift, they get no email. It's amazing. I bcc'd Michelle, one of our designers, on an email the other day and she yelled at me across the room" Dave, did you mean to bcc me on this email?" I was like" I'm sure you don't understand that's how it works". So you got to think about that life, I'm sure the other people that we're trying to market here, you're just like me. I have 62 unread emails, so if I'm going to go send you an email right now that says" Tomorrow. 2: 00 PM. Webinar" am I going to open that email? Hell no. And then when I opened the email and it says" Hello, Dave, as a VP of marketing at a fast growing SAS company, you know that blah, blah, blah" that is how 99% of the emails I get in my inbox look and feel. So if I'm going to go write an email, why not use that to my advantage? And I know that. And so I want to find ways to get your attention, and I want to find ways to get you to actually respond, and I want to do it in a way that would actually make me respond. So the honest answer is: I actually don't think about our customers, I don't think about a buyer's journey; I first think about myself, as a marketer," What would I respond to as a human?" Okay?" As a person". What are the ads I watch on TV? What are the ads I watch on YouTube? What are the magazine headlines that I see when I'm at Whole Foods that I actually read and want to go read more about? Right? Think about that first, and that one little skill, I promise you, you will then become a secret weapon to your marketing. And yes, then that will help you start more conversations with customers and create more relevant content for them and take people down the right buyer's journey, but it all starts with empathy. So think about before you send your next email, before you make your next podcast, before you make your next video, before you do your next webinar, ask yourself" would I take 45 minutes out of my day to do this?". I think about this a lot for events and webinars: Am I really going to spend half a day or a day and fly to San Francisco and go to that company's event? Probably not. So that means the hook has to be really good, the offer has to be really good, you have to have social proof, you have to have all those things. How can you go above and beyond of what most people are doing? Think about that before you do anything in marketing and I promise you, if you can bring empathy into your marketing, you'll get more responses, you'll start conversations and overall you'll just become a better marketer because you start thinking about what actually makes people tick versus" I have to go and do a webinar today at work." All right? Think about that, take it with you and, also, I want to hear your feedback. Tweet at me @ davegerhardt. Let me know, what do you think about this whole topic of empathy? And do you think about this before you actually go and hit" publish" and create something? I'd love to learn more from you. Otherwise, thanks for being on this show. Well, you're not on the show, but you're somewhere, you're working out, you're walking to work, you're commuting, you're cleaning your house. I appreciate you inaudible. Hey, thanks for listening to another episode of the Swipe File. I'm having a lot of fun doing this podcast and so, because it's fun for me, I hope it's fun for you. And it would mean the world if you could leave a review. Reviews really help, and so go leave a review, go to Apple Podcasts, leave a review, let me know what you liked about the show or didn't like or want to hear more of and, also, if you're not already subscribed, make sure you go subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify... The show is everywhere that you get your podcasts probably where you're listening right now. But, if you want more content like this, if you want to go a layer deeper, join me on Drift Insider, it's drift. com/ insider. We're teaching courses, we're sharing videos and we have exclusive content for people just like you and marketing that we do not share publicly. So go and check it out. drift. com/ insider.


"Would I respond to this?" That's the question DG asks himself before he sends an email, makes a deck, writes copy for a landing page, or records a podcast episode. Because when there's so much noise already in the market, the worst thing you can do is forget to treat your buyers like humans. So in this episode, DG talks about how you can take the #1 skill that most B2B marketers are missing, turn it into your advantage, and start having more conversations with buyers.