What Makes Great Marketing Today?

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This is a podcast episode titled, What Makes Great Marketing Today?. The summary for this episode is: The best marketing today has one thing in common: it's real. DG talks about why the best marketing is real, authentic, and human, and why people don't want marketing that feels "manufactured."

Dave Gerhardt: Hey, what's up, everybody? Thanks for listening to another episode of The Marketing Swipe File, I'm Dave Gerhardt. And you know what, I was thinking that I want to start putting out more content and I don't want to be limited by the ability to sit in the podcast studio, have the whole set up going and make something. I just thought, look I think the best marketing today is real. It's authentic. It's human. People don't want, as a garbage truck is doing its thing, people today don't want manufactured stuff from brands, right? They especially don't want brands... What I'm trying to say is, people don't want brands that do marketing that feels like marketing, right? It feels like someone was sitting at a desk making this campaign right? And I think that one example that I use all the time now... As this is now turning into a rant about how to do marketing, how to do marketing today. But one of the things that I see all the time now and I think about a lot is case studies right? If you're in B2B sales and marketing, you know that case studies are the kind of holy grail. It's what every marketer knows they should create. It's what every sales person wants. Except lately I've been thinking about that actually to me feels like the most inauthentic form of marketing, even though it's supposed to be a customer story, because what happens is so many companies and, I've done this, we do this, which is basically like you as a marketer, you write the case study. You say, hey... You find out from sales or customer success, Hey, so- and- so wants to do a case study. Okay, great. You kind of talk to them, figure out what their story is, but then you write it your way and then you basically get them approved, to approve the quote. Right? That's like the dirty secret about marketing, which is most quotes that you see are just some PR marketing person wrote it. And then the exec, or whoever is quoted, signs it. That's how it usually goes. That's the fastest path to get quotes in right? And so I think that at least for me, my radar's up on that, because I know that's a case study, I know that's something produced by that company. So instead I actually think the best form of social proof in the... Which is why you have case studies in the first place, is what people are actually saying. So we had to take Drift. com/ love. And I probably mentioned it a bunch now, but we just keep track. At first we started with an intern and a spreadsheet. We would just keep track of all the things that whenever somebody would have a good tweet, like about Drift, about something that we did, we'd just save it. And we had this channel in Slack that we called notify where you can just basically hook your Twitter account into Slack and then have all the company, all the tweets about your company, get fed in there. And then we would just kind of share around really good stuff that people would say. From that, created this channel called Drift Love, which is where anybody in the company now shares things that people say about Drift. And that to me, that's actually where the best marketing comes from, is that channel, because what would be better? A case study that we wrote, or a LinkedIn post from a CMO at a company who just started using Drift and has been blown away by the results. To me, a screenshot of that LinkedIn post that I could use on a landing page, in a deck, in a webinar, in sales emails, that's way better than a case study. Now there's definitely still a need for a case study where people want to go deeper and they want to know how they increase this and that. But I think that the best marketing you can do today is real. It's authentic. And it doesn't feel like marketing. It doesn't feel manufactured. So what I was thinking of, back to this podcast is like, I want to create more content, but I don't want to always have to go into studio and sit down and do it. And so a couple of podcasts that I listened to, the audio is real, raw, it's like somebody sitting in their car. So I'm just going to start recording more stuff when I'm walking around or sitting down somewhere and have an idea just straight to my phone and we'll publish it through the podcast that way. Because I think that A that selfishly allows me to create more content, but B I think it's going to give much more realer thoughts and commentary on marketing than me just sitting down in front of a microphone. And then when we do the in front of the microphone on video stuff, I'll have more guests. I want to talk more about what we're doing at Drift. So bring on our... For example, this morning, I was like, we should actually have Josh. Josh is our CRO. I should have him on the podcast. Just talking about his experience on the sales side, working with marketing people and kind of all those lessons. So that's the stuff that I want to do. The only downside about recording audio on the walk or with the phone is like, it's iPhone audio. We'll obviously, we can fix some of it post, so you have to deal with that. But I think it's no different than watching somebody on Instagram or YouTube. And then we can't get the video clips. I can't promote videos on social media, but that's okay. I think that's what we're going to do. So that's basically two, that's kind of a two for one episode, which is a couple of thoughts on the best marketing today feels real and authentic, which is why I want to do more of these podcasts. And this is a podcast to tell you that. So quick lesson and some quick thoughts about the future, but what do you think about this? Would you like more of that stuff? Email me dg @ Drift. com or just tweet at me at Dave Gerhardt. You know where to find me. I'm probably everywhere at Dave Gerhardt. Okay. See ya. Hey, thanks for listening to another episode of The Swipe File. I'm having a lot of fun doing this podcast. And so, because it's fun for me. I hope it's fun for you. And it would mean the world if you could leave a review. Reviews really help. And so go leave a review, go to Apple Podcasts, leave a review. Let me know what you liked about the show, didn't like, want to hear more of, and also if you're not already subscribed, make sure you go subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify. This show is everywhere that you get your podcasts probably where you're listening right now. But if you want more content like this, if you want to go a layer deeper, join me on Drift Insider, Drift. com/ insider. We're teaching courses, we're sharing videos and we have exclusive content for people just like you in marketing that we do not share publicly. So go and check it out. Drift. com/ insider.


The best marketing today has one thing in common: it's real. DG talks about why the best marketing is real, authentic, and human, and why people don't want marketing that feels "manufactured."