Welcome To The Marketing Swipe File

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This is a podcast episode titled, Welcome To The Marketing Swipe File. The summary for this episode is: Welcome to the Swipe File. Here's a quick overview from your host, Dave Gerhardt, and a little bit more about what you can expect on this show. Ready?

Dave Gerhardt: Hey, what's up everybody, it's DG and I'm so excited because this is my brand new podcast called the Swipe File, the Marketing Swipe File. I like the Swipe File name better. The Marketing Swipe File we did for SEO reasons but it's pretty easy to find. So I just want to do a little quick intro to tell you what this show is going to be all about because I started this podcast last summer, we called it something different. It was Hashtag Marketing, A Seeking Wisdom Show and I had a lot of fun doing it and the reason I started it was because there's so many podcasts out there but I didn't find for myself, I couldn't find a podcast that was about the marketing tactics, right. The stuff that real marketers are actually doing in their jobs. I love podcasts, it's one of my favorite channels and the thing that I love doing is I love listening to interviews with amazing people. The problem is for me personally, I was listening to an interview with an amazing CEO or founder, right or even marketing person but it very rarely actually talked about anything that would help me in my job as a marketer. I learned things from those interviews about growing my career and hiring and managing and startups and SAS and all that stuff. But I never got that itch scratched, this was an amazing marketer, I want to listen to it and I want to learn from and then something happened last year where I went to all these events and some of the best learnings and best days that I had was, when I went to an event and I had a dinner or lunch with eight to 10 other marketers, not to sell anything but literally a peer group. And it's something that we've talked about a lot on Seeking Wisdom with DC, the power of peer groups and role models and mentors and so, this lunch was, these lunches and dinners were amazing because it was almost like therapy, right, because you're sitting around a room full of people who are all doing the same thing that you're doing. For me, it was other VPs of marketing, directors of marketing at other B2B companies and it was like," Man, we're all going through this together, all these problems are the same, right? We can all figure this out." And so that was so therapeutic and I started thinking," How could I bottle that? I want that all the time without having to go out to dinner or having to go to lunch or having to travel to an event." And so that is how I got the idea for this show and this is what I want to deliver to you. I don't want to deliver fluff, right? I want to give you the real stuff that's happening everyday inside of a marketing team, what marketers are doing, what's happening in the industry, the best practices. I hate the word best practices but I want to share with you how people are making videos, making podcasts, creating content, doing ads. That's all the stuff that we never talk about on Seeking Wisdom because it's not meant to be tactical but that's going to be this podcast. So, that's really part one is, 10 to 15 minutes super tactical episodes about something very specific like, how to get more ideas for your content, how to create amazing LinkedIn videos, how to create an amazing YouTube channel, how to start and launch a podcast, that type of stuff. But I also want to pair that with, because I think this is a unique approach, I want to pair that interviews with some of the best CMOs, brand builders and marketing leaders. I don't know why I'm talking in the future tense because I've already done this. I have 18 interviews right now, already ready to go to follow this one. And I'm super excited. I'm going to invest a ton of my time and here at Drift, in this podcast because we want to make, I want to make the greatest marketing podcasts on earth, all right. I'm not going to be shy about that. I want to make it great and I want you to listen. If you're in marketing, I want you to use this show to help you grow your skills as a marketer, grow your career, get inspired, get new ideas, find out where you might get your next job from, the next person you want to work with. And so we got all that stuff. It's a perfect, I think it's going to be a perfect mix of tactics and interviews. It's almost like... It's like the black and white cookie of podcasts, right? You get the best of both worlds. You get the chocolate side of the cookie, you get the vanilla side of the cookie. We're going to give you all of that in one podcast feed, okay. So here's what I got coming for you. I'm just going to pull up the list of the episodes that we already have in the bank. I don't want to give them all to you but I got an interview with Joe Chernov. He's a CMO at Robin, was a CMO at InsightSquared. Leela Srinivasan, who's the CMO at SurveyMonkey. Dan Rogers, the CMO of ServiceNow, Andy Raskin, one of the greatest storytelling messaging positioning experts in the world has helped some of the best brands out there. Mike Volpi, who's a CMO at HubSpot at Cybereason, now he's a CMO of Lola. Brian Kardon, he is one of the top B2B CMOs in the world. He's a CMO at Fuze, he was a CMO at Lattice Engines, at Eloqua. I think he was at Forrester. Ridiculous background. Who else? Anthony Kennada, who's the CMO at Gainsight. Heather Zynczak, who's a CMO at Pluralsight, She was... She ran marketing at Domo, she has an incredible background on the demand gen side and the brand side. So that's just a sniff, a little sneak peek of the guests that we're going to have but on top of that, like I said earlier, we're going to give you all the tactics so not just taxis about what we're seeing but some of the stuff that we're actually doing at Drift. How we do X, how we do Y, I want to bring all that stuff to you. So super excited that you're here rocking with me on this podcast feed but I need a favor before you go, before we get into the season. Although I'm going to do one big season, it's not really a season. So before we get into the real episodes, this is episode zero, episode one teaser episode, subscribe, okay. This podcast is everywhere you get your podcasts, Spotify, Apple, Stitcher. The crazy thing about marketing a podcast is, it's really freaking hard because there isn't just one place to send people, right? And I know if you're in the gym or if you're walking to work or in the car right now and you have a podcast of your own, you're going to nod along because it's really freaking hard to promote a podcast, hey. Because, marketing is all about removing friction, making it simple for people to do, go where you want them to and you're saying," Hey, go subscribe on one of these eight channels." So anyway, I don't need to tell you how to do it, subscribe to this podcast because then I can get you. Make sure you get the best episodes, the latest episodes. Don't leave a review yet, I'll ask you for reviews later, after I've proven this show is worth your time. But I want you to go tell a friend, tell them to subscribe, let's get a bunch of subscribers going in this feed because I think it's going to be awesome. And there'll be a lot of value. I'm going to try to give away all the secrets, I want to be... I have this secret dream of one day hosting a talk show and I think this could be the equivalent of that, except we're really giving you the good stuff, the inside secrets, lessons, playbooks, recipes, all that stuff from marketing. So it's me, Dave Gerhardt, DG. I just want to give you a warm welcome to the Marketing Swipe File, here we go.


Welcome to the Swipe File. Here's a quick overview from your host, Dave Gerhardt, and a little bit more about what you can expect on this show. Ready?